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Turf Management

Fertilization: Best Lawn provides three seasonal fertilizations to customers, each of which consist of a granular material.

  • Early Spring Turf Builder: This application is applied first thing in the spring and provides the necessary nutrients to boost your lawn’s growth through the spring and into summer.
  • Mid-Summer Turf Builder: This application is typically applied in July/August and will keep your lawn looking healthy, thick and green.
  • Winterizer: This application is done in the fall, typically once the growing season has nearly ended, strengthening the health of your lawn’s root system to improve growing potential the following spring.

Weed Control: Best Lawn provides liquid broadleaf weed control and crab grass pre-emergent treatments as part of our Six Step Turf Management program. These include:

  • Spring and Late Summer Weed Control (2): These applications are designed to eliminate greater than 90% of more than 1,000 targeted broadleaf species.
  • Crab Grass Pre-emergent: This liquid application is applied to lawns in spring, simultaneously with the spring broadleaf weed control. It targets and kills the crab grass spores to prevent germination later in the spring and summer.

Spring Clean-up: Best Lawn will perform thorough spring cleaning of lawns, including dethatching and removal of debris from
yards using our commercial grade mowers, bagging systems and equipment (late March through April).

Core Aeration: Using a riding or walk behind aeration machine, we perforate your lawn with small holes allowing for water
and nutrients to penetrate your lawn’s root system (early spring and fall).

Overseeding/Slit Seeding: We will broadcast seed over your lawn in order to improve the growth of your lawn. Slit seeding
will mechanically plant grass seed for bare or problem areas of your lawn.

Mowing: Best Lawn provides mowing services on a weekly and biweekly basis using our commercial grade mowers and
equipment. Mowing includes trimming around beds and yard structures as well as blowing off any grass clippings or debris
left on patios, driveways and sidewalks.

Installation of Shredded Bark/Washed Stone: Best Lawn will install shredded bark or washed stone to beds and landscapes
for commercial and residential customers.

Weed Spraying of Beds: Monthly spraying of weeds in beds is completed to keep beds and landscapes looking clean.

Hedging: Trimming and shaping of bushes and shrubs that become overgrown, including blowing clippings from beds and
lawns (July-August).

Sidewalk/Driveway Edging: Best lawn will clean and remove the overgrown turf and sod along sidewalk edges and concrete
driveways, leaving a clean and neat border.

Fall Clean-up: Best Lawn uses commercial grade mowers and bagging systems to remove leaves and yard debris, preparing
the lawn for the following season (late October – November).

Lawn Maintenance​

Mosquito Control

Whether you want to protect your guests for a single event or want to enjoy your outdoor space all summer long, Best Lawn offers seasonal or as-needed mosquito control. A single application typically lasts 4-6 weeks. Our applications also eliminate fleas and ticks. Applications target turf, shrubs, and plants to help create a barrier around your outdoor property.

Best Lawn uses commercial grade equipment to provide residential and limited commercial snow removal services (mid-November through mid-April). We will clear snow from driveways, walkways, or other desired areas. We also provide salting services.

Snow Removal

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